Just made the Colorado Top 10!!
My song "Name" just made the BroadJam Colorado Top 10! The song entered at number 9. And shares the Top 10 with artists like Mark Daniel Fossey. Congrats on another step along the way! The song is still featured in the Top 10 of 3 other charts as well: Production Mixed Vocals, R&B Religious (Still #1), and R&B.
Theo Holding Number 1 and 2 Spots!!
Theo still has "Name" holding the Number 1 spot in BroadJam's R&B Spiritual music category. But, nipping at its heals in Number 2 is "Drink in My Heart!" Also "Primal" has jumped to number 8 in the Rock, Easy Listening category. After so many years, I have to admit my wildest dreams did not see this day. I feel very blessed by you all!! God bless and thanks to all you fans out there. Please keep listening and love one another!
"Name" is Still Holding on to Number 1 for another Week!!
The Song "Name" has been holding on to Number 1 on the BroadJam R&B Religious chart since Sept 29th 2015!! Going into the 3rd week!! Again I thank you all for your votes and support!! Much love and blessings to you all!!
"Name" is Now #1 !!!!!
The Song "Name" has just made it to Number 1 on the BroadJam R&B Religious chart!! I cannot thank you all enough for your votes and support!! Much love to you all!!
Two Songs Still in Top 10!
Drink in My Heart dropped off the Top 10. But, Primal just jumped on to the Rock - Easy Listening Top 10! Theo is still multitasking!! Thank you for listening!
Two Songs in the BroadJam Top 10!!
Theo's song "Name" just rose to number 2 on the R&B Religious charts! And his song "Drink In My Heart" just entered the same chart at number 10!! This is the first time this artist has had two songs in the Top 10 at the same time. Congratulations Theo!!
Song "Name" in in the Religious R&B Top 10!
The song "Name" has reached number 4 in the Religious R&B Top 10 on BroadJam!! Congratulations to Theo King!!